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Contract Works Insurance

Insurance for theft, accidental damage, extreme weather damage, and more
Contract Works Insurance or Construction Insurance, which is otherwise known by, covers building works for any losses or damages caused by theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters, storm, property damage or personal injury to others and more.

Insurance while you build
You’ll need Contract Works Insurance while the building project you’re working on is under construction. When the project is finished and built you will need Building Insurance. That’s the difference you should know about the two.

What is the difference between Public Liability and Contract Works Insurance
Here at SD Insurance Brokers we will explain the difference between Public Liability and Contract Works Insurance. Contract works is recommended by anyone in the construction and building industry who are in charge of their projects or who are running the project such as major subcontractors.

Public liability Insurance covers you for property damage or personal injury only as a result of your negligence. Contract works on the other hand covers for you a range of other risks which are outside of your control. Some of these risk can include the following:

  • A project which is affected or damaged by fire, storm, cyclone, and loss or damage
  • A project which has had material damaged or lost
  • A project which has caused personal injury to others or property damage

The Additional Benefits of Our Policy

Our Builders Contract Works policy has many additional advantages, such as cover for display or spec homes. This cover can even include alterations or additions to your project right through the period of your policy.

Annual Contracts works and Single Project Policy

SD Insurance Brokers will explain the difference of each of these policies and which one is best for your business. Like the name suggests, Annual policy covers projects for the full 12 months of your insurance, while Single Project Policies covers only the construction for that project.

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It’s somewhat complex, but we will simplify it for you

Contract Works – Annual Contracts works Policy or Single Contract Works Policy is quite complex. It can involve factoring in the builder’s annual turnover estimates and details of the maximum contract value. Once the contract term has ended, based on whether the builder’s estimated expenditure is less or more than expected, either a refund may be issued or the builder could be invoiced for additional costs.

When you speak to SD Insurance Brokers about your Contracts Work Insurance requirements, we’ll simplify the intricacies of the policy for you and walk you through all you need to know in easy steps.

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