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Cyber Insurance

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With more and more businesses relying on technology, the severity and number of cyber-attacks are steadily increasing every year. In Australia, cyber-attacks are among the top risks for businesses.

Because of cyber-attacks, you or your business may need to bear large expenses such as crisis management costs, system restoration costs, extortion costs, and huge fines from regulators.

From a complicated cyber-attack leading to the loss of sensitive customer information to a simple incident like sending an email with an incorrect file attachment, cyber-attacks can be of different natures.

Cyber Insurance refers to a specialised insurance solution designed to safeguard businesses against the expenses they need to bear in the event of a cyber-attack.

A Cyber Insurance policy can give cover for:

  • Cybercrime (includes theft of personal funds and social engineering)
  • Cyber incident response costs (legal, IT forensics, crisis communication, breach notification, etc.)
  • Ransom attack / Cyber extortion
  • Data destruction
  • System damage
  • Cyber and privacy liability
  • System business interruption
  • Multimedia liability
  • Management liability (occurs due to a cyber-attack)
  • Reputation harm

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