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Safeguarding your Business is a Priority

As a service provider, SD Insurance understands it is crucial that you consider ways of safeguarding your business against claims by customers. If you are not covered, this could easily translate to huge legal costs and financial losses.

A Professional Indemnity Insurance, which is a part of our exclusive industry-specific insurance package, offers the perfect solution.

Designed specifically for your niche business, the Professional Indemnity Insurance can be tailored to include a Product Liability Insurance or Public Liability Insurance cover.

The Promise of a Sound Professional Indemnity Insurance

Consider a scenario when a customer you service experiences a financial loss or injury as a direct result of your engagement, and they are riled up to sue you.

Service providers in client-facing roles are often caught fighting such claims of negligence, malpractice or even professional misconduct. Third party costs towards damages, omissions or breaches, and costs towards legal fees and fines add up very quickly.

With the right Professional Indemnity Insurance, you will be able to protect yourself and your business! Call SD Insurance Brokers today about a quote for your Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Who Needs a Professional Indemnity Insurance?

A business owner, a tradie or a freelance worker providing services to a customer, such as consultation and advice should seek a suitable and appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

  • It covers you against a legal claim and safeguards your business from incurring financial losses.
  • Legal battles can often be lengthy, time-consuming and expensive. The cover ensures peace of mind.
  • You can cover your employees, partners and volunteers working at your firm.
  • For certain professions, a Professional Indemnity Insurance might be mandatory. And governing bodies dictate strict guidelines and the level of cover required to trade.

Call SD Insurance Brokers today about further information on Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Why Us?

When it comes to Professional Indemnity Insurance, SD Insurance Brokers are your agents of choice. We have your back.

We can recommend a Professional Indemnity Insurance cover that best suits your needs. What’s more? SD Insurance Brokers have our clients’ stamp of approval.

SD Insurance Brokers work will research what is needed to get the job done and work closely with a variety of industry associations and membership bodies, across Australia. So, we know how your trade works, and what the legal requirements for your profession may be.

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