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Contract Works Insurance

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When it comes to construction works, a lot of unforeseen incidents can happen that may lead to substantial financial loss and severe damage to your business. This is the reason you must mitigate all your risks during every stage of a construction project as much as possible and safeguard yourself and your assets from any unwanted incidents.

Contract Works Insurance is designed to give you insurance coverage during a construction project. This includes cover for legal liability and material damage and covers builders and subcontractors against accidental damage to their build project or physical loss during the construction period.

A standard Contract Works Insurance gives cover for:

  • Material Damage to the project such as natural disasters, fire, flood, storm
  • Third-party property damage
  • Theft or material damage of contract works
  • Third-party bodily injury
  • Material damage to existing structures and on-site equipment and plant
  • Legal liability
  • Delay in start-up
  • Advanced loss of rental and profits

At SD Insurance Brokers, we know that every construction project has some unique characteristics. Our team will take the time to review your unique risk management exposures and needs and provide you with the right insurance solutions to protect you and your project.

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