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At SD Insurance Brokers, we believe that efficient processing of your claims matters the most when you require our help. Every time, we strive to protect our clients in the best possible manner. Since we work only for you, it is our top priority to make sure that your claim is properly processed, resolved, and paid.

We ensure proper management of your claim in different manners. These include:

  • We closely monitor every claim to minimise issues and make sure proper and fast handling.
  • We use our years of industry experience to negotiate every claim with insurance companies in the most effective manner.
  • We make sure that every claim is progressed with insurance companies as quickly as possible.

We always remain in touch with both the insured and the insurance company right from the time when the incident has been reported to the final settlement.

Our standard claims management processes comprise these steps:

Information: Our team informs the insurer immediately after we receive the notification of your claim.

Examination: Our team requests all the required information so that your claim can be progressed quickly.

Management: Our team negotiates with the assessors and claim staff of the insurance company. In some cases, we secure progress payments from the insurance company because of the size of your claim.

Final settlement: Our team makes sure that your due payments are quickly processed by the insurance company.

At SD Insurance Brokers, we understand that, as your insurance advocate, it is our duty to help you get peace of mind during a stressful time.

Lodge Your Claim

You can call or email us to lodge your claim. Our contact details are:

Mobile (Megan Laurie): 0428022466

Mobile (Sue Peoples): T. 0499 325 151 | D. (07) 4212 4620


Please reach out to your account manager to lodge your claim.