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Home and Contents Insurance

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For any homeowner, home and contents insurance is among the most important covers to have. There are different types of home insurance policies that you can choose from.

Home Insurance policies provide home owners with coverage against property damage, destruction, or loss. Sometimes, these policies can also include cover against flood.

With Home Insurance, you can avoid financial risk in case your home is destroyed or damaged. You can also get cover for your belongings such as furniture, electrical goods, jewellery, etc. If they are lost, stolen, or damaged. There are home insurance policies that provide wider accidental coverage or coverage for certain listed events only. You can choose these covers as per your specific needs.

SD Insurance Brokers have partnered with a number of insurance companies, and hence, you can rest assured of receiving the best coverage at the best rates.

Understanding the Difference between Accidental Damage and Listed Events Cover

With Listed Events cover, you only get cover for certain events such as storms, earthquakes, fires, and floods. With Accidental Damage cover, you get cover for each of the Listed Events together with cover for damage that occurred due to accidental events like dropping your laptop on the floor or damaging your kitchen benchtop.

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