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Keeping You Covered

The Management Liability Insurance has a very special purpose. To keep you covered no matter what!

These are tough times around the world. And, especially in Australia, we see the number of cases surrounding occupational health and safety, employee discrimination, diversity and inclusion and improper conduct showing staggering growth. Like Public Liability, without Management Liability cover your business can be destroyed in the event of a claim by one of your staff or workers.

This is precisely why our Management Liability Insurance has been designed to address these and a myriad of similar subjects. SD Insurance Brokers has had first hand experience of the genuine need for this cover. Ask us today.

An End-to-end Package

The Management Liability Insurance can cover for a variety of situations. This includes the broad themes that have been listed here:

  • Crime Cover: This option covers the company in the situation where the company faces damage to property or loss as a direct result of fraud by staff or workers.
  • Employment Practices Liability: This powerful option protects the company against losses towards claims made by employees regarding matters of employment.
  • Business Crisis Consultant Fees: This option provides the company with a cover to ensure that any fees or charges it incurs as a part of its response to a business crisis situation are taken care of. This includes management consultants, contractors and specialists.
  • Company Liability: This option covers the company when it faces penalties towards occupational health and safety trials, allegations of polluting public spaces or similar wrongdoing.
  • Trustee Liability: This option covers the company in the circumstance when it incurs losses towards misappropriation of employee superannuation funds by the company trustees.
  • Director and Officer Liability: This option protects the company against losses arising from the claims of misconduct by its directors and officers.
  • Company Reimbursement: This option gives the company the power to be reimbursed for all payments made towards indemnifying its directors and officers, against claims related to their actions.
  • Legal Advice: This option provides for an access of up to 2 hours each month to a hotline number for legal advice on a variety of subjects.

We’re Here to Help!

SD Insurance Brokers are waiting to take your call. We are eager to tell about just how great the Management Liability Insurance really is. And if you have any questions, we will help you with the right answers. Call SD Insurance Brokers today or alternatively, you could simply complete the Online Quote Request, we will be delighted to assist you with a quote.

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