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It is About Keeping What’s Yours Safe

When you are in the products business, selling or supplying products and services that customers use, it may be worthwhile to consider a Product Liability Insurance.

Also known as a General Liability Insurance, this insurance, is designed to safeguard your business against claims and legal complications that may arise when someone experiences damage or undergoes injury while using your product or service or on your job site or at your office or workplace.

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Who Would Need a Product and Public Liability Insurance?

Product and Public Liability Insurance is highly recommended for anyone in business, big or small that provide a product or service to the public or other business or have people come to their work premises or job sites. Either indirectly, by supplying them through your business, or directly, by selling them to your customers.

Tradies such as electricians, carpenters, hairdressers, software suppliers or food vendors, just to name a few must all consider investing in a Product and Public Liability Insurance. Anyone in business needs to have this cover.

It is important to keep in mind that even the safest products and services may sometimes cause injury. And, there is always a chance, even if it extremely unlikely, that an accident may occur.

The ensuing court action could potentially mean pouring time and money into fighting a legal battle. Even in the circumstance when you are clearly not at fault, you can end up spending some serious hard-earned cash towards legal fees and compensation.

What Does a Product Liability Insurance Entail?

The right Product and Public Liability Insurance will cover all essential aspects and a wide range of scenarios.

It ensures that you go about your work with confidence, knowing the insurance will kick in if anything falls apart.

Here are some scenarios that a Product and Public Liability Insurance covers:

  • Product failures and malfunctions that cause injury.
  • Software failures that cause damage.
  • Equipment failures that lead to an accident.
  • Food or beverages that make a customer very ill.
  • Falling on a job site by someone coming to visit you
  • Falling at your office by someone coming to visit you

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