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As we plough into an increasing techno world of computing systems, Icloud technology, social media and the reliance on networks to operate our business, we face the emerging threats of loss of data or being hacked. Recent government changes to privacy laws, social media and the spotlight being thrown on recent breaches to companies data via the media, it is no longer acceptable to say that you didn’t think it would happen to you.

A significant breach of someone’s data that your organisation hold on your clients can cripple the business. The lost can range from your brand reputation, legal costs, business interruption and the cost of paying the ransom price to try to get the data back just to name a few.

The government has recently passed legislation to hold business responsible for their client’s data, so it is no longer affordable for Businesses to ignore the real and constant threat of a cyber risk.

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About Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber Risk Insurance covers your business from the possible threat of a Cyber Attack.  A Cyber Attack can come at a large cost to the business, here are some that you might resinate with:

Cyber Risk Insurance covers:

  • Businesses if they are hacked and they have to pay a ransom go get their data back
  • Negotiation experts to deal first hand with the hacker to get the data back
  • The costs of computer experts to restore the data that might be lost
  • The cost of the fine if imposed by the authorities
  • The legal costs surrounding the cyber attack
  • The interruption to business from the cyber attack
  • The cost of the impact on your clients if their data is miss used

Who needs Cyber Risk Insurance?

Cyber Risk Insurance is needed by any business that holds data on their clients. Big or small business should have this insurance.

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