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Insurance for The Tools of Your Trade

Tools are the lifeblood of the trade. There’s a lot of planning, effort, money and time that tradies put into acquiring a range of expensive and quality tools that the profession demands. Then maintaining and safeguarding them. Tradies love their tools!

SD Insurance Brokers know that ensuring your valuable tools are covered by insurance is only logical and can be the difference between a profitable business and one that risks the lot.

The Threat to Your Tools

It’s a scenario no one wants to face – finding just one or more of your tools stolen or seeing them damaged in an accident or unforeseen event. It could seriously impact your ability to continue working. Down the line, the problems compound. Your earnings are held up. It might cost you your job or contract, or worse still– your customers.

Missing or damaged tools can hurt you financially if you’re self-employed. It could cripple your business if you’re a subcontractor. The humongous costs to replace these tools could put a dent in your hard-earning savings, and if you have to borrow money to buy, it could even drive you into debt.

But not if you’ve planned ahead and covered your tools with insurance. Call SD Insurance Brokers today or complete the Online Quote request and an experienced Brokers will be in contact with you.

Protecting Your Tools with Insurance

The easiest option to protect your tools is to make sure you have a suitable tool insurance policy in place. This is where SD Insurance Brokers can help you.

Your Public Liability policy can include Tool Insurance under a General Property Section. This will cover all your replacement costs for tools that are stolen, lost or accidentally damaged.

Our extensive experience has shown – Tool insurance is one of the most frequently claimed types of Trade Insurance. Considering how inexpensive it can be, this is a no-brainer, and it definitely pays to have some insurance in place. SD Insurance can online quote can do this all in one click or call us today on 40330254

All Tool Insurance policies are not the same

This is something important to bear in mind while comparing policies. Not all Tool Insurance Policies may cover the same events.

Theft is one of the biggest concerns for most tradies. In regard to theft, policies are quite different in terms of the cover offered.

There are policies that cover your tools irrespective of the way they are stored. Others cover your tools only if they were stolen from a secured storage or location, and some others don’t even cover theft at all.

Call SD Insurance brokers to discuss the deference on 40330254.

Accidental Damage
Policies also differ in regard to accidental damage. There are policies covering your tools only when they are damaged due to a vehicle accident or a rollover. However, there are policies that cover a broader range of damages due to accidents or unforeseen events.

No matter what policy you choose, make sure you carefully read the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) so you know that the cover matches your expectations.

All of these things will impact the price of your insurance. So, it is important to understand what you are getting. Call SD Insurance today or contact us online.

Not Insuring Your Tools

Some tradies do continue working without Tool Insurance, just so that they can save a few dollars every week.

We sincerely urge you not to go on without insurance. But in the least do seek professional advice on ways to protect your tools from theft and damage. SD Insurance Brokers are happy to help

Further Information and Quotes for Your Tool Insurance

No matter what queries you have, we are here to answer them for you. Or just obtain your quote right away. Simply complete the Online Quote Request, or obtain a quote it in your Public liability quote online instantly or get in touch with us today!

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